I’ve Got to Get a Message to You is a public installation based on a single piece of asemic writing. Multiple handwritten copies were posted at five transit hubs across Gothenburg, Sweden. The condition of the tear-off flyers and their environs were documented daily.
The project received traction on social media, receiving a few hundred comments. At the end of the installation these comments were categorized and charted.
The piece was later exhibited at Brolo Centro d’Arte e Cultura, Mogliano Veneto in June 2020, as part of a group show organized around asemic art practices. Participation was made possible by a Göteborgs Slöjdförening grant.
I’ve Got to Get a Message to You, Gothenburg public installation, Sweden, December 2020
I’ve Got to Get a Message to You, Brolo Centro d’Arte e Cultura, Italy, June 2020
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