Manifesto is a 160–page handbound book. The opening pages contain an original text employing the sort of bombastic rhetoric traditionally associated with the manifesto genre. The typeset text is then cut up and reassembled, repeating throughout the book, each iteration becoming source material for subsequent cut-ups. The project takes a critical approach to book arts to explore authorship, readership, and the materiality of language.
Manifesto, 105mm x 140mm, 160 pages, October 2020, Tribeca Books, New York, ISBN 978-1-7341922-0-9
"Manifesto opens with eight exquisitely surreal declarations, each introduced by a solemn WHEREAS. Then it restarts, repeatedly — each time subjecting these texts to more cuts, strippings and spacings, in an almost cinematic way. As the texts change, they also change your sense of text itself and what it might now become. The manifesto’s promised revolution has taken place, literally, before your eyes." PETER SCHWENGER, author of Asemic: The Art of Writing
"...reinvents Tzara's and Gysin's cut-up method by taking it into a final climax of evolutionary incision" MICHAEL JACOBSON, author of Hei Kuu and Works & Interviews
"Kind of funny, kind of scary, and very beautiful" KAY ROSEN
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